Thursday, September 27, 2012

Playing the Game

In my latest book, Breaking You in the World of I, there are thoughts I share in regard to the games we're here as humans to play. Now, mind you, I'm not talking about board games like Monopoly, but just the same, a game is a game.

The game I'm talking about in my book is the fact that we're here to experience this realm of existence. Everything you can imagine or have a desire to experience is here for you and you alone. Sure, there may be other Beings that see a game being played and decide that, they too, would cherish the experience. For instance: Bungee Jumping is an experience I have yet to explore. I have jumped from perfectly good airplanes, but never from a very sound bridge (as if one exists in the U.S.). This is a game though proven safe, still conjures thoughts of escaping death...the biggest game in this realm.

What game are you here to play and how is that game going? Are you winning at your game? Well, let me say that by the shear fact that you're not dead, you are still in the game. Then again, who knows if the next realm isn't the game you're striving to get to...kind of like a Mario Brothers game of levels.

This Sunday I needed to get out of the house for just a few hours. I'd been working all week and though I usually head down to a favorite watering hole on Fridays, to socialize with some friends, lately, I've decided to put more time into my game and cut out the extras. Now, all work and no play doesn't just make Jeffry a dull boy, it also throws him off balance for a bit.

See, my game, for me, the one I've decided to play, is to really get to the nitty gritty of why we humans do the things we do. I sat in my car, overlooking the ocean and contemplated the answers to my questions; what makes a confort zone and what changes one's disciplines? Or in other words; what is the make-up of the comfort zone and the inability of one to really police themselves; to be disciplined?

Of course, anyone could say that it's one's desires that make them comfortable in their life or allows them to be disciplined, but I find that's not really the case. After drawing a line across a sheet of paper and marking it as 0 (zero) and then realizing that we are all vibrating (waves) going up and down across the 0, then we are always in a positive or negative state of existence. Though this may not be anything new to some, that we are +/- vibrational waves 24/7/365, the fact that most people's 0 rarely changes and they remain in their "comfort zone" which is often a struggling zone, is very important. Why? Because it means that one is not winning what they are here to play...their game.  It also means that mankind is not winning, therefore, we expand at an extremely slow rate; continuing with wars and other mid-evil ideas that rob us of our intelligence.

Of course, one could argue that a person is here to intentionally lose at the game of life so they could experience what it is like, but if that were true, then why not just go lay down in a gutter somewhere and die. Why? Because it's not true! People don't come to this realm to play a game where they are going to lose. The lottery wouldn't be so popular if that were the case.

So, there's more to my thoughts than meet the eye. If our comfort zone is at 0, and we do everything we can to stay close to that 0, then the game one is playing is prolonged and accepted as a struggle. Mind you, and just for noteworthy sake, the comfort zone is not about money; wealthy and poor alike, stay in a comfort zone.

Imagine on this wavelength scale that when the wave goes to the top, point A (+100) you are reaching happiness. When it is at the bottom (-100) one is regretful of their actions. Then, the wave begins to move upward again back to the 0. As an example:

I'm sitting at my desk and working away for hours on end. I'm doing what a Being is supposed to do; I'm creating. Slowly, I'm working my way up the wave because creating is a positive. When I get to my peak, Point A(+100), I take a break from what I am doing and step away from my work. Maybe I go online and visit FB or I text some friends, or play a game of solitaire. All of these actions are going to lead me down the wave to Point B (-100) When I'm done wasting my time, I think to myself, "Man! I need to get back to work and create." I head back up the wave to 0. Now, along the way, I'm thinking to myself about all the wasted time and, "Why am I so undisciplined?" The answer-- I had to be. There is a balance going on that suggests in your mind that you must stay in the comfort zone and by allowing yourself to wane from your creativity/creative side or objective, you will remain safe in your comfort zone. The amount of time between Point A and Point B is the amount of measurable discipline we have. 

To the Being, Point A equals happiness and Point B is unhappiness. There is not a good or bad thing about either of these, they are actually polar and assist in our balance; kind of like a pendulum that keeps the center ball in check. 

Now, if one wants to change their comfort zone, they need to understand what it is they believe is making them happy. As an example: A smoker may need to light up every 30 minutes. He is reaching for something that releases serotonin and relaxes the nerves while, at the same time, giving a small sense of euphoria; a sense of happiness. If the smoker were to want to quit smoking, then he would no longer experience the serotonin release and, unless he replaced Point A with something substantial, his vibration is going to change and he is going to leave point A rather quickly, as if jumping off of a cliff. This smoker is now going to crash into Point B with an attitude of being unhappy and leave Point B twice as unhappy. Still this is nothing new, right? We all know smokers get edgy when trying to quit. But wait! There''s more!

From a personal example, when I write, I used to always have a soda next to me. Kind of like one's coffee; it opens neuron pathways that allow you to create. But, does it really? I was very creative long before I used soda in a habitual form. I eventually allowed myself to believe that the soda was happiness and I built a belief around it. I needed to build this belief so while I was at my 0, I would have something to go for that I could eventually bounce back off of at Point B; my FB, texting, solitaire...     

Playing the game is simple, we do it all day and every day. Winning the game is a little more difficult because it means you must change your zero; your comfort zone. If you can measure it, it can be easily recognized when you're falling back to zero. Though it's okay to move up and down the wave scale, if you want real change and you want to win whatever game you're playing, you must move from the lower end of the zero or -100 back up to the +100 as quickly as possible. Winners often move at breakneck speeds.