Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Secret to the "Secret"

Okay, this term has got to stop. Is anyone else out there in our universe tired of "the secret" to this or that? Really, hear me out. There are no secrets!

Yes, things may seem like a mystery, but in reality, if you don't know something, then all the "secret" is, is personally undiscovered information. No one is intentionally hiding something from you the torturous way your siblings did when you were just children. You just haven't thought things through enough on your own to get to point B, the secret.

As an example: There is no "secret" to getting more clientele for one's business. If you want more business, then outflow more communication. If you have too much business and want less, then don't communicate to anyone, or turn them away as they show up. So the "secret" to anything is...if you want it in your life, then reach for it.

It seems that every email I get where someone is trying to sell something, it holds a "secret" that is now available only through them, because they know the secret and you don't. My sister once beat me up because I had a secret. LOL Of course, I'm much bigger than her now, so I can keep all the secrets I want.

All I'm asking is that we move away from the "secret" and label our titles to the truth of the content we will provide. Example: Do you need to know how to _____? Then tune in to today's webinar... See how easy that is. Don't try to trick me into information you think you have over me. I may already know it and am not presently using it to my advantage. First off, by claiming it's a "secret" and then it turns out that I came to your article or webinar and set my own schedule back just to read or hear info I already've wasted my time. Score one minus point for you. A few points too many and I will completely tune you out.

Human beings are smarter than they have been taught to believe. If you want their attention then let them know what you are sharing and what skills you have that can help them attain their needs or desires. Really, we are all adults, aren't we? I'm more apt to read an article of, My Hypothetical View of Creationism, to, The Secret of Evolution. One tells me directly that someone has another point of view or possibility for my existence.

Calling anything these days, "the Secret" is like having a phone and never using it for anything but texting. It seems like people have forgotten how to deal with life head on. How to communicate in directness, hmm, perhaps that's the secret!

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