Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Arggg! Business as Usual?

   I guess I'm a lucky man. While many of my friends are fighting the Monday morning traffic, I spend time with my girlfriend and walking the dog. We don't have to rush anywhere or wonder if we're encroaching on someone's lane (if you live in a city like L.A., then you know what I'm talking about).
   What does your Monday morning look like? Are you rushing to beat the clock? If so, why? Do you know that most traffic accidents are because someone thought they were going to be late, so they had to rush through that light. I have so many friends that have gotten needless tickets, costing them their whole day's wages, all for the idea that they shouldn't be late.
   Business as usual in this day in age, should be anything but! How will you create your Monday? For that matter, how about Tuesday, Wednesday or any other day of the week? What game will you decide to play? Will you procrastinate? Will you be casual? Will you be on top of your game and drive hard to beat any and all quotas? If you're a manager/supervisor how will you handle your staff?
     If you can see the pattern here, there are a lot of things to think about when starting off the week in business. Whether you're the owner or the employee, you should have a plan of action, and not a regret for having to show up. Some of the happiest people I know are those who have a plan of action and a go-getter attitude; even when they're the lower level employee. There are people that meet their daily job with a passion and a self respect that says, "I'm going to make this happen and it's going to be great!"
   If you've ever caught yourself saying, "Oh man, I hate Mondays!" Then you may need to rethink what you hate. If Monday was a birthday, or a holiday that you were off, you probably wouldn't hate it, would you? How you think, is how you speak, and when you make a declaration of hate for anything, it's an opportunity to see what's buried in your sub-conscious.
   Business as usual is when we don't take the time to recognize our true ability in life; the ability to power through or make significant gains in anything we desire. Whoa! Key word...Desire. Do you have a desire? Of course, we all have a desire for something, but can you have a desire for your company to do better? Can you show up and desire to make the day so perfect that you clock out knowing that you were at your ultimate best? Of course you can. Life is yours for the making.
   Will your day be business as usual? If so, why? Is your as usual? Interesting, I've never heard  a person with a lot of drive, one that meets each day like a tiger ready to pounce on its prey, say those words, "Business as usual." They don't think that way, so they don't speak that way. Because they don't speak that way, they don't act that way. Because they don't act that way, they don't live that way. Because they don't live that way, Monday is never the enemy.
   What will you decide to do concerning your week of work? Hopefully after reading this, you will make a game of your career and create a plan of action for not only you, but others in your office. Really, find someone to compete with or make teams and create a game. Whoever/whichever person/team wins, gets lunch or whatever the agreed upon prize.
   Get on the phone, knock on more doors, network more often, talk talk talk and create an unusual game of business. Limit the time on the social sites that keep you from engaging worthy business contacts or streamlining your business to be more profitable. Create a slogan that gets posted on your computer screen or your cell phone that quickly reminds you that your life should not be a "usual" run of the mill happenstance.
Think it! Speak it! Be it! 


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