Monday, June 20, 2011

Diets of a Caveman

Diet of a Caveman, does that sound interesting? It would probably make for a great title of a book, if it isn't one already. Hmm, maybe one day I will write it. Actually, since I am an author, but also a ghostwriter, then maybe someone will pay me to write it for them. Recently, a Facebook friend, Nayri Hannah, posted a link on her page regarding healthy eating habits. If you visit her website, you will find some great information on health and fitness.

So, back to the story. After Nayri had posted a link on FB, I followed it and read the information. Though I won't go into all of the details right here, I read some things that I'd heard long ago, and my memory was refreshed. Could I start this new regimen and be successful? Of course I could! I just completed writing a book titled, Breaking You in the World of I, and regaining control of one's I AM status is what the book is all about.  It's not food that needs to change, but how I choose the foods I use to sustain a healthy life.

What I didn't put into in my book, is about eating habits that most of society has become so relaxed about and how important eating the right foods are, not only to one's health, but also their ability to think and act.

So, after reading the article I began recalling the information and how effective it would be. Okay, so it's time to make a commitment. I know I don't feel as energetic as I used to and I know that all energy must start from within. It's time to make use of a good, solid plan of nutrition. It's time to quit playing games and stop making excuses as to why I can't make this change permanent. In the article, I learned that for economical reasons, the producers of food use corn and two other ingredients that help to keep society unhealthy. It's not that these producers of food want you to be unhealthy, but they do want to make as much money as possible...if that means taking short-cuts that put you at risk, oh well.

My new plan of action as the article suggests is to eat foods that are made up of one ingredient, things like; vegetables, fruits, meat, nuts and fish. get it? Basically what a caveman would eat. Have you ever seen a caveman in the movies that wasn't shredded? Okay, I know those are only movies and that real cavemen struggled to keep healthy, but you don't have to. There are so many sources for good one ingredient foods that it boggles the mind as to why someone hasn't started the caveman grocery store.  

My objective is to retrain my brain how and what to eat. I do like fruit, but have often chose pretzels. I do like fish, but it's so easy to buy a burger. Well, the new frame of mind is to...listen close because this is important...tell myself how much I like my new choice of "good for me foods" and how much I dislike the "bad for me foods." Did you know that the more you tell yourself how much you like something, your brain will rewire itself to accept that new truth and then run with it until you decide another change? Eventually, you really won't miss the soda, the candy, the quick burgers. After each good meal, be sure to give yourself an "attaboy" because when you do, you begin the neurological change back to a system that you were meant to use from the beginning of your birth, au-natural; the natural state of existence.

One of the things the article mentioned was that when you purchase eggs, they should have been hatched by free roaming chicken, not one's caught up in a cage and fed corn. When it comes to meat, you should purchase meat from cattle that was allowed to graze on grass, again, not corn-fed. Did you know that fish are now being fed corn? That means that even fish won't be a healthy meal. What are you going to do?

Keep coming back to this blog because over the next few months I'll not only tell and show you what I'm doing to create a change in my eating, but where I'm actually going to get my food. You will be shocked, trust me.

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